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Getting to Know Your Big Beautiful Life Staff

We are so excited to share a little bit about the people you see each time you walk into our office! Many times, Lynette Wilcock is the first person you see…or talk to on the phone…or has an answer to your question…etc.  Below are a few tidbits about her, and her own big beautiful life!

Background:  Grew up in Northport, and attended NMC and then Michigan State where she graduated with an Elementary Education degree.  She also worked as a nanny in Geneva, Switzerland for a year.

Family:  Hubby + 4-kids + 3-cats + 1 guinea pig + 3 fish tanks.  Music is huge in her family, with her children playing the saxophone, French horn, and trumpet. (Her oldest plays the trumpet in the MSU band!)  Lynette loves cooking and baking, and is passionate about teaching her children to do the same.  “I think it’s VERY important for kids to feel confident with cooking so they are less likely to eat or like processed foods throughout the course of their lives.  We’ve all taken cooking classes through Oryana and love them.”  They also grow a vegetable garden, and Lynette truly loves spending time with her family.

Lynette as a Mom: Lynette describes herself as a “parent by her guts” type of mother, meaning she tries to be logical, calm, educated and aware of how she is feeling in her “gut” when it comes to making decisions about healthcare for her kids and herself.  She prefers to feel good about her choices based on information and logic, rather than being bullied by the medical model into choices just because “they” say so.

Reads:  She likes to read her teenagers’ book series (Twilight, Hunger Games) and is reading the Game of Thrones series right now. She also enjoys health information books.

Watches:  Shows about ghosts and psychics.

Food:  Right now, Lynette’s favorite is soup!  Its healthy, versatile, and her whole family enjoys it (mostly, that is).

Huge Fan:  MSU! (remember the trumpet playing son?! Go Green…)

Big Beautiful Life:  Lynette started seeing Dr. Jena when her kids were young, based on one of her children’s inability to pass a hearing test, as well as needing seasonal allergy help.  “My kids received regular Chiropractic care, and I could see differences in behavior and symptoms.  I was “jealous” and wanted Chiropractic care too! I enrolled in the family plan at Dr. Jena’s old office and then followed Dr. Jena ~ I’ve always been a HUGE fan of her care and table side manner :)”

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE working here ~ I love the interaction with the clients (holding babies, building blocks with the kids ) and getting to know people.  I think what Dr. Jena does to help people is amazing, both through Chiropractic and Nutrition, and I love when people share with me their stories of triumph, and how their lives have improved through their care here. I want more people to know about chiropractic and nutrition and get the help they need ~ without drugs and/or surgery.”  Very well said, Lynette.

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