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Functional Blood Chemistry

Dr. Jena is a Functional Blood Chemistry expert. Ever been told that your blood work is normal, yet you still know/ feel something is wrong? Using the labs patients already have, Dr. Jena evaluates your blood labs from a different perspective. The medical perspective is looking for labs that fall into disease range whereas the functional perspective is looking for where you are trending and the story that your labs tell.

  • CBC with differential (the lab test worth the price of gold)
    • Are you fighting infections?
    • Does your body need more iron or help using B vitamins?
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    • Find problems like adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, a struggling detox system.
  • Lipid Panel (aka cholesterol panel)
    • What “bad cholesterol” really means and more.
  • Iron Panel
    • Is your body getting enough – it’s a vital nutrient!
  • Thyroid Panel
    • Get the real story of what’s happening with your thyroid.
  • Hormones
    • Discover the 3 underlying causes of hormone chaos so you can balance them naturally.
    • Vit D – don’t underestimate this guy
    • Blood Glucose and A1c – what is your blood sugar story?
    • Inflammatory markers – We blame inflammation for everything. Does your blood work agree that this is the problem? You’ll be surprised.

Once you know what your blood work really says, we’ll be able to map out your 5-step healing journey. It’ll be personalized to you.

Stop guessing. Stop buying those supplements someone told you to try. Stop relying on everyone else (including Dr. Google) to tell you what’s wrong. Schedule an appointment today for Dr. Jena to read YOUR labs.

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