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Newborns & Tots

Traverse City Pediatric Chiropractic – Healthy Kids Right From the Start

Dr. Jena has a special place in her heart for babies and children. That’s why she loves to care for pregnant moms, newborns, infants and children. She wants to see kids get the healthiest possible start in life.

Chiropractic care is great for pregnant women, making expectant moms more comfortable and helping to ease labor. Birth trauma is a common occurrence, and many conditions that affect young children can be related back to this trauma. When children get gentle chiropractic care right from birth she can help reduce the effects of birth trauma and ensure they are on a healthy path.

Gentle and Effective Care

When it comes to adjusting children Dr. Jena wants to make sure that her little’s and tots, as well as their parents, are comfortable with the care they receive!
Our scans are non-invasive and completely painless. Our adjustments are all low force and are geared specifically to the child’s age and size. You can imagine the force of a child’s adjustment by thinking of the pressure you might use to comfortably rub your eye or test the ripeness of a fresh tomato. Dr. Jena has extensive pediatric training so that the newborn adjustment to the teen adjustment is the perfect amount of force needed for them.
Working with babes and little’s is our passion and we take every step necessary to ensure that the kids enjoy their time in the office. Our patients love to be adjusted!

Little’s and Tots who have balanced nerve systems experience:

  • Easier bowel movements
  • Less ear infections
  • Improvement in behavioral issues
  • More calm
  • Better sleep
  • More connection
  • Reaching milestones
  • Less asthma
  • Diminished allergies

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