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What is Natural Functional Medicine?

​Our Functional Medicine philosophy is built on the fundamental truth that the body heals itself. What heals you is YOU, and your energy (spirit). If this is not happening efficiently, then the body either does not have what it needs to promote the healing process, or something is interfering. We seek to support your body’s innate intelligence to heal itself, which is to provide your body the proper nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, herbs) for optimal organ, gland and cellular function along with removing anything that interferes with proper function. (i.e. toxins/hormone disruptors, stealth pathogens, heavy metals, food sensitivities, and/or thought patterns.

The tools we use are in alignment with our holistic philosophy. A holistic philosophy of healing is an approach that considers the interconnectedness of the mind, body, spirit and environment in the pursuit of health & well being. This perspective goes beyond focusing solely on symptoms and aims to address the root causes, recognizing that various aspects of an individual’s life are interconnected. We use objective findings (i.e. blood work, hormone testing, Insight neurological scans and additional testing as deemed necessary) and subjective information (i.e. detailed history, questionnaires relative to digestive function, hormone function, toxin exposure and symptoms). All of these pieces of information are like pieces to a puzzle and help Dr. Jena identify the root causes with the goal of bringing people back toward balance. In addition, we can compare results and changes to be more precise in our corrective, rebuilding and balancing allowing us to monitor progress.

We offer a structured corrective care programs designed to maximize results in the allotted time we determine to provide support and rebuilding to areas of revitalizing the body with missing nutrients, weeding and feeding the gut, handling stealthy, background pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus/yeast/mold), balancing blood sugar, balancing hormones and beyond. During this time a patient can also learn how to support and prevent much of the more common illness’ we see in our culture today. They will learn how to support themselves with diet, lifestyle and mindset education. Ongoing communication is encouraged and built into the program as changes will take place and adjustments may be needed. We are on a journey and navigation is required to reach our destination!

We not only consider what’s happening in the body, but the mind and emotions as well. If a person consistently has self-deprecating thoughts, focuses mostly on what they fear or what they don’t want, holds on to feelings of resentment and anger -these create resistance (a.k.a. stress) in the body and block the body’s ability to heal itself. We are three dimensional beings and it’s important to be aware that a holistic approach is best defined by the following: the Spirit is the life, the Mind is the builder and the Physical is the result. We address the whole person when working towards balancing the mind, body, & emotions.

We serve many patients with their own unique health concerns and challenges. Each individual is able to experience improvements with their overall health and gain an understanding of what contributed to their decline in function in the first place. It is our goal to provide patients with knowledge and resources to feel empowered to make informed health decisions and support themselves. Dr. Jena has experienced her own health challenges and her expertise not only comes from her extensive education, reading books and continued education, but addressing and overcoming these challenges within herself. She practices what she teaches. As a result of her own experience, she is able to understand and relate with patients which drives her approach of compassion and empathy.

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