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Endocrine Health- Male & Female

The endocrine system is made up of ductless glands that produce hormones. These hormones are messengers, signals or “cellular directors” that affect cells throughout the body. Hormones affect or regulate every tissue, organ and system in the bodymind. They must be balanced to activate the body’s powerful systems of repair and self-healing. 

The endocrine system is the most powerful control system in the human body. The breadth and depth of its action is only rivaled by the microbiome – our bacterial reality in our gut and on our skin that establishes our physical unity with all life on earth.

Most people live in a state of glandular depression and hormonal disruption. Hormones can go wrong because of poor nutrition or sleep, dis-stress, environmental toxins, heavy metals, vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs, manmade radiation and more. This reduces our ability to adapt to life’s stresses. Clinically, in natural functional medicine, to restore and maintain the strength and balance of the endocrine system, which increases vitality and resilience, we use two primary principles:

  1. To clear and unburden, through detoxification and autoantibody reduction, and
  2. To feed and build through nutrition (diet and food-based supplementation) and herbal medicine.

Currently the most popular approach these days with most physicians is to use Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is where the actual hormone, (i.e. Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone), is given in a chosen delivery to the body directly. In the short term the patient will feel the quickest change, but the long term effects are counterproductive and have significant health risks as well as contaminate your partner/kids/pets!

Many of these potions can cause harmful side effects as well. The right balance of hormones helps us stay healthy, but the wrong amount can be dangerous. Instead of taking something into the body that may stimulate, suppress, imbalance, or disrupt, it makes more sense to supply the body with whole, natural foods and food concentrates that will allow the body itself to build and balance whatever it needs. No one knows as much about an individual’s body as that individual’s body.

It makes sense first to rebuild and support your body’s endocrine glands to enhance your own production of these hormones. This will lead to balance in the body as a whole. Natural foods and supplements provide the building blocks and raw materials, like the lumber needed to build a house. In addition I use botanical herbal formulas to facilitate and activate the endocrine glands of the body. This in combination with the proper rebuilding nutritional support, my patients can see changes sooner.

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