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Bloodwork Workshop Series

Have you been told that your bloodwork is normal yet you still have            unexplainable symptoms?

Ever wonder what your bloodwork really means?




Joint Pain?

Autoimmune Disease?

Leaky Gut?





Food Sensitivities?



Hair Loss?


Cold hands and feet?

Brain fog?

Stuck Weight?

Get Sick Often?




Join Dr. Jena for her FREE Bloodwork Workshop Series on Zoom. You can join one, two or all three. This trio of workshops will teach you more about the hidden answers in your blood work than anyone has ever told you.

You just haven’t had the right person reading your labs and I’m going to teach YOU how to be that person. I guarantee that your bloodwork holds answers that can help you get from unhealthy to healthy!

Grab your labs (it’s ok if they’re older) and let me teach you how to read them from a functional medicine perspective.

5 Hidden Sources of Internal Stress & Inflammation

Tuesday, August 6th 8 – 9pm

Inside the CBC with differential (the lab test worth the price of gold!)

Adrenal Fatigue? 

Wednesday, August 7th 8-9pm

Learn the blood markers that tell how you’re really adapting to stress.

The REAL Thyroid Panel

Thursday, Auguat 8th 8-9pm

Get the real story of what’s happening with your thyroid.