After having the flu, I got a sinus infection and was having excruciating sinus headaches. Being 28 weeks pregnant, I wanted to avoid medications. Dr Jena gave me some whole food supplements and some chiropractic adjustments. It made a world of difference for me and my unborn baby! The sinus pain cleared!

Alicia- Interlochen

Chasea – Chiro

Before: Runny nose, not paying attention in school and didn’t listen to his teacher.

After: After one visit, his nose had slowed down and his teacher’s asked what I had done differently? They noticed a big change in his behavior.

Chasea ~ (Mother of 5 year old) Traverse City

Liz – Chiro

Before: I had headaches, poor digestion, allergies and was sick all the time.  I also had very low energy.

After: Great! I have very few headaches, no allergies, very few sicknesses and I have more energy than ever before.

Liz ~ Elk Rapids

Dan – Chiro

Before: Not good! Everyday I awoke to sore/aching shoulders town to my wrist!  My digestion was not good.  My mind was kind of cloudy 24/7.  I had neck and back pain almost everyday.

After: I feel the best I have in a lot of years! And with more energy.  It seems easier to get up in the morning and greet the world.  I am now eating better and healthier and avoiding things I never realized were not agreeing with me.  All thanks to Dr. Jena and Big Beautiful Life.  She’s the best!

Dan ~ Traverse City

Dave – Chiro

My first adjustment was amazing! I noticed a difference right away. Back pain was gone, had more energy, and have had no headaches!

Dave ~ Suttons Bay

Anna – Chiro

I was pleasantly surprised to experience the holistic approach for my health with Big Beautiful Life. The tag team of chiropractic and massage has made a major difference in my over-all health. The aches have subsided. I even felt better after a bout with a significant cold. I can discuss any wellness issue and am confident of the responses I receive. I have recommended Big Beautiful Life to my co-workers and friends.

Anna ~ Traverse City

Laura – Chiro

In the past, a typical cold (for me) would have lasted for 2 weeks. This winter, I have had 2 colds ~ both only lasting 5 days! How great to have a boosted immune system because of Chiropractic.

Laura ~ Traverse City

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