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Lose the Quarantine 15! Cleanse Challenge

It’s Time for Self-Care…

Being stuck inside these past 2+ months, off your regular routine, sitting sitting sitting… oh! and then add tons of stress to that equation and you may now findthat your energy & motivation has decreased, your body hurts, and/or you’ve added some extra love around the waistline.

Let’s build momentum with your local Success Tribe and work together to kick that Quarantine 15, drop the anxiety and aches, and build momentum and energy!

Let’s Do This! We are so excited and thrilled to offer this unique package of success! Meet your Success Tribe and take a look at everything you get for less than half the valued price.

10-Day Or 28-Day Detox Cleanse Package

  • 10-Day or 28-Day Standard Process Detox Cleanse (You choose!)- Whole Food Nutrition Solution (Full Explainer Video Below)
  • Free initial Chiropractic or Nutrition Response Testing visit with yours truly, Dr. Jena Hullman, DC owner of Big Beautiful Life Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Virtual Mindful Eating class with Jodi Nuemann, DSW, LMSW owner of Courageous Life Counseling
  • 4 exercise classes/week at F&M park . Offering 2 yoga classes with Leslie Simionescu, Certified Yoga Instructor at Yen Yoga , 1 Yoga class with Brie Sova, Certified Yoga
  • nstructor , and 1 Cardio Dance class with Julia Nuss, Dance Instructor
  • Private Facebook group hosted by Dr. Jena Hullman
  • Daily recipes, motivation and more!

RSVP TODAY! Event kicks off Mon, June 22nd

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