1. Begin the day with thankfulness & appreciation
  2. Unplug Wi-Fi at night
  3. Turn your phone to airplane mode if you sleep with your phone
  4. Do not hold cell phone to your ear for long conversations- use headset
  5. Do not keep cell phone in your pocket/ bra- use a shoulder bag, purse or briefcase. Keep it away from your body
  6. Earthing: barefoot in the grass/ sand 10+ min, weather permitting
  7. Sun Gazing: eyes closed, 1-2 min
  8. Slow Breathing: breathe in for count of 4, hold for count of 4, exhale for 4, rest for 4. Do for 5min am & pm
  9. Exercise 30min, with resistive & aerobic
  10. Raw organic apple cider vinegar (ex. Bragg’s) 1Tbsp in a little water, 1x/day
  11. Eat 1 bite of RAW sauerkraut or any RAW fermented vegetable per day.
  12. Celtic sea salt 1tsp. total per day- in your foods and some in water
  13. Raw local honey 1 tsp./ day
  14. Green tea, 1-2 cups per day