Healing – Sooner vs. Later

Live the healthy life you've dreamed of.

Live the healthy life you’ve dreamed of.

When you are healing the body with nutrition it reveals itself in layers. I have often said it is like peeling layers of an onion. It is also like putting together a puzzle. It seems like a big pile of hard work, but there’s ways to break it down. Sometimes this is by finding the big pieces first, with small pieces fitting in later. Even better, finding the outline first, and filling it in as we go along, doing only what our bodies can handle. When you come into Big Beautiful Life for Nutrition Response Testing®, in essence you are offering me the job of helping you fit those pieces together. Your trust will help me to help you decide how to proceed. Whichever way you are entering in the healing process, I’ve listed a few things that you can benefit from by changing now – sooner instead of later.

Switch from antiperspirant that contains aluminum to a natural deodorant. This will help your body because you will decrease your toxic burden. When you do this you may have more body odor initially. But, the worsening of sweating and odor is temporary as your lymphatic system detoxifies aluminum and other toxins. Once you get past the initial discomforts, the benefit to your body is long term. In that regard, there are many natural deodorant alternatives in every store these days. Try one! I have found the Burt’s Bee’s and Tom’s brands to work well, however, if one stops working I switch it up and can come back to it later.

Filter your drinking and shower water. We offer filtered water for anyone who comes into our Big Beautiful Life office. A Water Purifier for drinking water is the best solution we have found for removing viruses, bacteria, parasites, cysts, and chemicals without removing minerals. It is also good to filter the water you shower or bathe in to decrease your exposure to toxins. Also, make sure you are drinking enough filtered water to flush the toxins out of your tissues!

Get a Safe Space Protection Device to protect you from EMF’s. “Research now links long term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) with chronic health issues, from stress, fatigue to cancer. Overwhelming numbers of scientists now agree that EMFs created by cell phones, power lines and other technologies are carcinogens.” We recommend using them in your home, on your cell phone, on your computer or wireless devices. Using these products can protect your cells from the damage caused by EMF’s.

If you’re female, don’t wear an underwire bra. Also, don’t wear a bra to sleep. Underwire bras can disrupt the way your body is sending messages. Wearing an underwire can also negatively impact your lymphatic flow. The lymph system needs to move to rid your body of immune challenges and toxins.

Listen to your body. Get adequate rest. In the beginning phases of Nutrition Response Testing® at Big Beautiful Life Chiropractic & Wellness, we are encouraging your body to heal. If you are more tired than you would like, it could be that your body is in a healing mode, and it needs sleep to heal.

All of these things come up at some point in a Nutritional Program such as we offer in our office at Big Beautiful Life. If you’re not already enrolled in our Nutrition Response Testing® Program, I encourage you to check it out!

Regardless, if you make some of these changes now, you will see improvements in your overall well-being.

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