Pre and post natal yoga is so good for you!

Meet Naomi Cole of Yen Yoga!

I recently met with Naomi at Yen Yoga because I loved the description of her pre and post natal classes and we at BBL LOVE our prego’s and mama’s. Healthy mom’s grow healthy babies and healthy mom’s nurture healthy kids. Naomi is down-to-earth, highly skilled and has such a welcoming energy, you just want to be around her. She received her Prenatal yoga teacher training with Jane Austin, founder and director of Mama Tree, a Prenatal Yoga School; has assisted with home births; and is a trained and certified Birth & Postpartum Doula.  Her classes are for all levels and take place in a nurturing, supportive environment at Yen Yoga. Prepare for an empowered and mindful birth, build strength, focus on reconnecting & restore your energy. (Did I mention you bring your babe to the post-natal classes?!) What an amazing time to relax with other moms and babies and enjoy connecting in a warm, supportive environment!
> Builds strength
> Increases energy and flexibility
> Aids focus
> Reduces stress
> Reduces or eliminates discomfort
> Circulation

> Good Alignment
> Proper posture
> Relaxation
> Body awareness
> Baby awareness (Bonding)
Yen Yoga Pre & Post Natal Class Information



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